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Big ol' Update!
It's been forever and a day since I started this blog/updated it.  I took my cert test and passed it well, applied for my passport and got it, and am currently waiting on my visa.  Everything is moving along and I'm quite extraordinarily nervous about it.  I guess it's a mini update, I'm running out the door, so I might be back a little later on.

More rain. Awesome.
We had a really heavy downfall last night.  WhenI wake up this morning (late) I discover that I have no hot water.  AGAIN. 

My stupid roof leaks into the closet that holds my water heater.  The moisture outs out the pilot light.  Hence, no hot water.  I'm beyond pissed.  Last time, the apartment manager took over a month to send someone to fix it.  I'm going to go over and bitch them out tomorrow.  While I'm there, I'm going to give them my dad's card.  He owns a construction company.  Maybe they'll actually get it fixed properly instead of just patching it with tar paper, foam insulation, and probably bubble gum and duct tape.   

In good news, I bought my TEFL course.  I haven't started it yet, but I intend to do a bit tomorrow.  Apparently, the course can theoretically be done in ten days, but that's if you work on 2 courses a day, each one being roughly 5 hours each.  I have a full-time job and I just can't do that.  If I can work on maybe 2-3 of the 20 units during the week, and knock out 2 a day on weekends, I think I can be done in 2 1/2 weeks.  Unfortunately, this is a pretty busy time for me.  The school I work at is moving, my birthday is near, and my sister is getting married in less than a month.  I've also recovered my previously dormant social life.  I know this course should be the thing I'm worried about most, but I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends before I leave, and all the other things are unavoidable.  I WILL get it done, though.  I'm nothing if not ambitious. 

My first blog entry. Indeed, my first blog!
I never thought I would need or want a blog.  I'm currently not alerting anyone to the presence of this blog.  I want to make sure that my tenuous plans come to fruition before I start telling the whole world about them.  For now, I'm posting anonymously in all areas.  No one knows about this.  Indeed few people even know of my plans, except in the wide world of the internet and one family member.

I recently got a job offer in China, a teaching job.  I'm insanely excited, but there is much to be done.  I've never even been to Mexico, despite living mere hours away my entire life.  I know what sort of things need to be done, but there's so much.  And money.  It is insanely expensive to move abroad.  One of my students tells me "If a problem can be solved with money, then it's not a problem."  I'm honestly not following his logic there.  I'm currently worrying about the practical aspects.  I need a passport.  I need my TESOL/TEFL.  I need to pare down my belongings.  I'm basically selling any earthly possessions that don't fit in 2 carry-ons and two suitcases, unless they have sentimental value/are irreplaceable.  The only things that won't be gone are some books that are personal favorites, my yarn (some of which I'm taking with me), and whatever clothes I deem necessary.  It feels odd, planning to get rid of all the things in the world I can claim as mine.  But it's kind of worth it.  In future posts, I'm sure I'll go more in depth about why I'm choosing to leave the U.S. in the first place.  As a brief synopsis of a larger issue, the reason I'm leaving is because I really have nothing keeping me here, for the first time in a long time.  There was always something holding me back from my dream, to be an expat.  All the obstacles are gone now.  I have a wonderul, supportive family.  The only reason I haven't told them about this yet is because I didn't want to get overly excited about something I was iffy about.  Now that I'm sure, I'll be breaking the news soon.  I anticipate anxiety.  My mom will ask if I've thought of every aspect.  She'll be sad that I'll be away for an indefinite, though likely very long, period of time, but in the end she'll acknowledge that it's my life and my choice and be supportive.  

The school said that they want me to be there sometime around June or July.  I'll try to keep this blog updated with my happenings.  Tomorrow, I start my TESOL course.  This should be interesting.